In Memorium:
Robert V.N. Brown
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Bob Brown's memorial service was held on his birthday, the night of a full moon, June 10, 2006, at his home on Smith Level Road in Chapel Hill, NC, which he shared with Margaret since 1966. They met while vacationing in Mexico.
Bob affected people profoundly over the years, and it was nice so many showed up to share thoughts and rememberances.
The motorcycle Bob took to Mexico, which is still in a stable at Smith Level Road, was a 1951 BMW I purchased from a border guard in Holland in 1964. I sold it to Bob to finance hitch-hiking to Wyoming and Mexico, with Marshall Hay.
When Bob got to Mexico, the engine died in a rainstorm and locals took him and the cycle to a tiny village on a flat-bed truck, where a mechanic not only fixed it, but solved a problem that had made the cycle hard to start since before I bought it.
My brother Frank is a whiz in the kitchen, and here he's concocting a dish to go with dinner for the memorial service.
Bob and Margaret's place is a visual feast, with every surface and space filled with interesting things, seemingly arranged by chance. When the original house burned down decades ago, Bob pitched right in and built a new one, figuring out how as he proceeded.
Many photographers were in evidence at the event, drawing reactions from bemused to mildly annoyed.
The family peacock, below, shares the roost with an assortment of geese, dogs, cats, and a guinea hen, the sight of which often causes the peacock to go into full display mode.
Above is a portion of the library/livingroom, which boasts a large and truly ecclectic set of volumes, testament to the wide range of Bob and Margaret's interests.
Despite expecting 50 or more people, Margaret (below) was pretty low-key about preparations. People dropped by to lend a hand, and Margaret let them know how they could help.
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