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Robert V.N. Brown
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Photos from The Event, June 10, 2006
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The memorial service got under way during the afternoon and kept going well after the full moon rose, ending up on the screen porch with a little music and quiet talk.

Champagne and fine cigars were in evidence, as was the spirit of one who said, "Even if you do nothing, that's a choice."

People told stories about Bob, often explaining his impact on their lives. Ben (below) mentioned the "no choice is a choice" theme; Laird (above) said Bob helped him avoid Vietnam: "He kept repeating," 'You don't have to go.'"

Bob founded the North Carolina Anvil, an alternative paper, and the literary magazine Reflections from Chapel Hill. He is survived by his wife, Margaret--whom he met on a trip to Mexico on the BMW motorcycle I sold him. Margaret grew up in Hollywood and was vacationing in Mexico, but she decided to move East with Bob. The cycle was displayed in the garden, with a photo of Bob getting a haircut before the trip.

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