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Artist's Statement
I began photographing the Delaware River in earnest about five years ago. For me, there’s peacefulness and power about the river and a misleading sense of permanence. Often, yesterday’s scene is left in tatters after a flood, or whole sections of the riverbed become land during a drought. I try to capture the fickle mix of change and stability, particularly when the light is falling.

Typically, I simply walk along the river until something grabs my attention. I’m drawn to man-made objects that have been transformed by the flow and by patterns of branches, water and light that reflect the mood on the river. When I succeed, I feel I’ve shared a moment that otherwise might have gone unnoticed. 

As I became more serious about photographing, I was drawn to landscapes and to the work of Elliot Porter, who saw in patterns of nature something of the way its forces unfold. In my work, I try somehow to freeze eons of change into the instant the shutter clicks.


I've worked with all film and digital formats and am an eager student of the stunning pace of photographic technology.

As a member of the Gallery 14 fine-art photo gallery in Hopewell, N.J., I exhibited “Borrowed Light” in June, 2005 and “What the River Saw” in Feb., 2006. I've exhibited at the Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour and at venues along the Delaware River, where I've been recognized for merit at the Phillips Mill photo exhibit and the Tinicum Arts Festival.

I've written on photography and technology for: View Camera, Consumer Reports, Computer Shopper, CNET Networks, Personal Computing, and others. I report and photograph for local publications, including the Bucks County Herald, The Express Times, and The Philadelphia Inquirer. I'm the producer of this Web log, including most writing, photography, and design.

Earlier, as director of editorial development at CNET Networks, I produced the annual College Buying Guide for several years, created technology special issues for Fortune magazine, and did custom-publishing projects for AT&T, Gateway, Hewlett-Packard, Insight, Intel, and other technolgy companies.

During most of the 1990s, I was editor-in-chief of Computer Shopper magazine and produced the College Buying Guide and special issues on Web buying and technology. I've been editor or executive editor at: Personal Computing, Computer Dealer, and Small Business Computers. As a book editor at Rodale Press, I specialized in how-to-do-it projects and solar design.

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About this Site -- Living near the Delaware River, I've seen ever-changing waters weave an unchanging tapestry. I'll share some of what I've seen while walking, kayaking, and photographing.

I'll also discuss getting into photography, what gear does the best, and making sense of PhotoShop.