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Photo Techniques
links to photo tutorials
Local Contrast Enhancement Clear explanation on Cambridge in Color about boosting shadow detail by literally creating a Layer Mask from a burred version of the image, making edges more pronounced, giving photos more pop. Local Contrast

Sharpening with Unsharp Mask Images appear sharper when there's quick transition at the edges (high acutance). You can sharpen the transitions via PhotoShop's Unsharp Mask, as explained in this Cambridge in Color tutorial. Unsharp Mask

Give Photos a Glow A step-by-step look at giving a diffuse glow to an image, using blend modes and Gaussian Blur, by Glenn E. Mitchell II, Ph.D. Diffuse Glow

Saturation Mask Here's a way to add saturation where it's needed, without oversaturating areas where it's not.
Saturation Mask

Saturation Mask to Fix Clipped Channels Another tutorial by Mitch (Glenn Mitchell) on repairing clipped channels, useful if you use the camera's histogram to "expose to the right."
Clipped Channels

GoSu PhotoShop tutorial. Jason Strachan, of Cape Town, South Africa, posted a very useful tutorial that includes a step-by-step with images. Check out GOSU tutorial

Jack Nack's Guide to Adobe Tutorials. Nack-Adobe

Convert to Black and White by converting R-G-B Channels to Layers. This is the most powerful conversion method. An Action at the same Adobe link helps set up this process. B&W Conversion

Use Adobe RAW conversion to Recover Highlight Detail.
Highlight Recovery

a personal workflow
Down 'n Dirty Workflow Here are the basic settings for improving an image, based on a small JPEG file.
Basic Workflow

Advanced Workflow This workflow begins with standard back-up technique, moves through RAW conversion, and covers Levels, Curves, Saturation, Painting with adjustment effects, and Sharpening via Unsharp Mask. Advanced Workflow

Local-Area Contrast and Edge Sharpening While there are several approaches to local contrast, the settings I've worked out complement Unsharp Mask sharpening, resulting in sharper images with more pop. Local-Area Contrast

Image Adjustment via Layer Masks [coming soon]

Curves in Saturation Mode Just as Curves is a powerful tool for adjusting lightness and contrast, so Curves in Saturation Mode offers strong saturation control. Saturation via Curves. [Also see Advanced Workflow ]

Painting in Modes By using the Brush tool with ModesNormal, Overlay, Screen, Vivid Light, and Soft-Light, you can add local enhancement and lighten or darken portions of an imagelike darkroom dodge or burn on steroids.

AUTOMATE Your Workflow! By recording a simple PhotoShop Action, you can automate much of your adjustment workflow, while letting you enter the exact settings you want. PhotoShop doesn't have to be slow!

What They Didn't Tell You About PhotoShop Yes, the program is like none other, but it can be hard to learn. The "Rubylith" metaphor for Layers is unhelpful, and what the heck is a "Layer Mask," anyway? Find out here. Photoshop Demystified [coming soon]

gettng started in digital photography
Basic Digital Photography Digital has transformed the photographic craft at an astonishing pace. It's now possible to purchase a high-quality digital camera for a couple of hundred dollars and an archival printer for several hundred. That and PhotoShop let you produce museum-quality prints.
Basic Digital

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