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Blogging Before Breakfast
Each morning, 100,000 new Web Logs appear on the world's doorstep. We don't know their purpose, but arrive they do...and yes, here's another. Mine grows from a love of photography on the Delaware River. I'll discuss photo gear, techniques, and news of the river...and share the fun of walking or floating, camera in hand, dog in tow. 4/1/06

Raub's Island, up close: Raubesville, Pa., is just north. Fry's Run is below the "Stouts Valley" label. During droughts, land joins Pa. to the N-W tip of Raub's Island.
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The Delaware River below Easton, Pa. At Raubs Island, the river bends sharply west for a mile or so. (The river from Raub's Island to Old Sow Island is nearly due north.)
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Where Is Raub's Island?