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Ithaca Falls
The gorge at Cornell
Leaves, flowers, and log
Lucifer Falls
Grass by the waterfall
Wild Columbine at the gorge
Gorge entrance
Spring '06 PHOTOS
The Ravines of Ithaca
Attending the graduation of my neice, Sarah, I was amazed to find a steep gorge with waterfalls running through the Cornell campus. There are many such ravines nearby, part of the finger lakes region. Apparently both lakes and ravines were carved by glaciers. Lucifer Falls, in the Robert H. Treman State Park, is one of the best, only a few miles from Ithaca.

My wife, Anne, joined me for the most dramatic portion of the gorge, despite a sore knee, at the walk at the Treman State Park. But she stayed in the room packing during my last-day dash along the Ithaca Gorge that runs through Cornell.

When I walk in such areas, I'm in awe of the scenery we have in this country...heck, in the world. Here's a little slot ravine a few miles long that just makes you shake your head in wonder as you stare at hundreds of feet of sheer cliffs rising above rushing water. And who would even hear of it? That is, unless you live here or happen to run into someone who's seen the place--as I did, since Sarah's family is well acquainted with the parks.

But the ravines are there in full glory, waiting to be enjoyed...and photographed.

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