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Updated 01/25/07
Each evening, commuters in Lower Manhattan head for the ferries.

One More is Gone Walking by the river, I scared a deer that ran into the road. Deer

Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary In the northwest corner of Bucks County, is a 200-acre preserve overlooks the Dalaware River, with five miles of hiking trails. Mariton

Protect Us from Ourselves, Please! After each flood, yellow police tape goes up to block visitors from the towpath. Okay, there are places where the rock walls have crumbled...and there's mud on the path, but so what? Some of us like things nature has roughed up a bit. Take the risk; perhaps we'll meet along the river.

Second Thought Some weeks after the flood, I saw emergency vehicles near Raub's Island. A group of friends were swimming off Raub's Island when one disappeared, possibly pulled down by a whirlpool. Some dangers are real--and hats off to the emergency crews who searched for a day before they recovered the body. I just prefer to pick my own risks

Where the Heck Is Raub's Island? THE MAP........Go to: Delaware at Dusk

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Cafe, after the John Cage/Ray Kass Exhibit

My grandaughter, Leia, was a bit overwhelmed by the birth of her brother, Sojourn

Lenape Celebrate Rising Nation. The Lenni Lenape celebrate thelir re-emerging culture with a treaty signing near Tullytown, Pa.  LenapeTreaty

The Middleown Grange Fair had livestock, tractor displays, and rides. Grange Fair

Flood Update The river flooded homes and businesses. Flood Update

New York Sojourn: My grandson, Noah, was born just before Christmans

In Memorium: John Joray John suffered a heart attack in June. A service was held in Philadelphia, Pa. in August, at which I shot photos with John's Nikon F. I may have some to post, eventually. John was a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and an avid photographer for much of his life. He ran a catering business and did home repair before working for Killians Hardware, a Chestnut Hill fixture. He is survived by daughter Mia, grandaughter Katarina, and his former wife, Ruth.

John got me started in photography, showed me techniques he'd picked up at RISDI, let me use his dark room, and lent me his 4x5 camera, which started me thinking large format. He might also have sold me an old Rollei that I carried around Germantown and Mount Airy. Some of those photos are in the gallery Germantown Days.

In Memorium: Robert V.N. Brown A fixture around Chapel Hill, N.C. for many years, Bob Brown seccumbed to cancer Preparations; Event.

Visitng old friends near Blacksburg, Va., my brother and I stayed with painter Ray Kass and bonsai master (and retired art historian) Jerrie Pike. Visit a Zen Garden

Graduation visit to Cornell University. Ithaca Falls

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John Joray
Clouds and Deer

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PhotoBlog winner
CC Jason Strachan
Cafe in New York
Hudson River Commuters
Leia and Duhita
____________________________Delaware News______________________________________________________________
Nerve-agent plan dumped Nerve Agent
Rapp Creek quarry discharge: Nockamixon residents fight back. Rapp Creek
Nockamixon Holds the Line on Taxes
Halloween in Riegelsville New owners of the Riegelsville Market had a party
Nockamixon Groundwater Ordinance Unveiled: Ordinance
Steelman Triathlon Held at Nockamixon Park: Triathlon
Fashion Show! The Riegelsville Fire Company put on the show.
Nockamixon Approves Drilling Ordinance Drilling
EPA May Allow Dumping Nerve Agent into Delaware
Second Gas and Oil Forum held at Palisades High School Oil Forum
Oil Spill on Delaware Endangers Fish and Birds at Critical Time Oil Spill

Rapp Creek Inspection
Secure Environmental Treatment facility at Chambers Works in Deepwater, New Jersey
(Photo courtesy DuPont)